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サイトについて(Site guidance)
Introduction about our site
I explain how an opportunity of the making and the viewpoint of the site want you to inflect on having you look at this site.

サイト作りのきっかけ(The opportunity that makes this site)
 "About one of six people of the child is in poverty state" "the poverty ratio became worst ever"
To hear these words, do you think that it is one's Japanese story to live? Japan is a rich country proud of GDP of the third place of the world.However, important children making the future in Japan are exposed to a crisis of the poverty surely now.貧困状態にある子供達のイラスト
For example…Death from hunger of the child by the child neglect, delinquency of boys, murder…
We knew that a case to involve a child was greatly tied to the issue of poverty of the child.
And while we checked it, "the poverty of the child" might fall into anyone and cast a shadow in the future in Japan and knew it in the world when it was the serious problem that we affected.It could be taken now up extensively by a television and a newspaper recently, but it's said that the child's poor problem was the problem that you don't surface so much up to that. "Please help!" without reaching even if they uttered a cry, the children who lose their life knew that there were many, too, and we were very heartbreaking.
 We made this site. To have many people know "the poverty of the child", and to have you think together again about the coming future.
If this site is a chance that "the poverty of the child" is improved even a little, we are glad.


サイト名の意味(The meaning of the site name)
"SITK" is an abbreviation of our school "Shibaura Institute of Technology Kashiwa Senior High School".
While leaders surround one table about various global problems that the global community faces at the summit, I plan concord through free exchange of opinions and decide things. And the result is settled as declaration.

It's significant that we called this site "the Summit". An individual is the child's representative who will carry the Japanese future the person who suffers poorly now and the person who didn't know a poor problem, and I think I have the unknown power.
I may become the politician who changes Japan. I may become the leader who leads the world. You know the current state of the Japanese poor problem and discuss a solved way by free idea with the feeling, and what "what one can do should do", I'd like to make... which is being considered such site.
Please begin from "To know." first. Child's poor problem is the problem everyone can happen anytime.

お問い合わせ(Contact us)
Please inform a lower mail address of these question about a site and your request. As far as it's possible, I'll answer, but an answer receives time by the contents, and is sometimes difficult. Please accept it beforehand.


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