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We went to the UNICEF house!
On November 14, 2015, we went to the UNICEF house in Minato-ku, Tokyo!
A homepage of the UNICEF house is this place→
UNICEF (United Nations international child emergency fund) was established in a purpose that it was necessary to save children who had suffered damage when they lost a parent, and a house was broken in war immediately on December 11, 1946 after World War II. It change the name later with United Nations Children's Fund, and, as for the activity of the UNICEF, a thing to improve the life of children of the developing country plays a key role.
They can use the safe water
Children hang it for a family for hours every day and seem to make a round trip taking water into account many times to one's house from a river and the pond.
The water which drew through hardships is polluted; and many children in water including the diarrhea with the cause get sick.
The UNICEF made a well with the people of the village for such people, and safe water came to be provided without going expressly to the far-off river. In addition, they seem to receive training as the people of the village can repair the well in oneself.

They can take the nourishment enough
6,300,000 people have children losing life without a 5-year-old birthday being reached a year. When the UNICEF distributes medicine of vitamin A preventing loss of eyesight, and is brought up in nourishment instructors spreading knowledge of the nourishment to mothers, and distribute the class of vegetables to be able to make food with oneself, and tell me by how to raise; various; seem to be active.
We protect children in the particularly severe situation
There are a lot of children who must work to support the family budget in the world. They make a school to be able to go to even when such children work and seem to pressure it to work on it not to let the severe work that is dangerous to a child again take them.

Guides was nice to you very much and was really fun!
It was strong and stayed in the impression than I looked in a book and a net when I really heard a story and was studied.They answered our question carefully one by one and was able to spend valuable time.Thank you!
Everybody, please go to the UNICEF house, too! The staff, thank you.


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