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You looked at our site, and thank you.

To hear these words that "one of six people of the child was in poverty state", it was hardly believed that it was Japan where we lived in.

And is the debt of a Japanese poverty problem being serious at all, a social security budget and the country, and is a population problem, and know the severe present conditions that environmental strictness to work of the woman, we including the poverty problem of the family of mother and child face while read a lot of books, and gather information, and learn; "in this situation is wrong!" we thought about seriously.

What can we do now?
We checked the activity of the volunteer group and carried out the contribution possible even immediately.
The people of many volunteers are active for children suffering from poverty hard.
The activity was realized and knew that the increase of the child dependency allowance was decided.

The cry of a child suffering from poverty does not readily arrive.
We thought that at first it was to know this reality properly to be able to do it because we changed these Japanese present conditions.
Through this site, it is to tell many people about the issue of poverty of the child alone.

And we thought that it was no use only by getting knowledge.
With knowledge, I thought by oneself well, and there should be it how, or Japan had one's opinion what oneself should do and thought that it was necessary to touch power to send it to.

"You play at the summit, and what meaning do you have?" "This is ridiculous." "The budget is where"? may seem.
"site guidance>the meaning of the site name" we spoke on, but while representatives surround one table at "the summit", we plan concord through free exchange of opinions and decide things.And the result is settled as declaration.

We are in one person is representative of children, really do not may become a politician future, it might be to speak at the United Nations. However, even if we can get the knowledge, you have your thoughts, you can transmit the opinion, we can actively debate, there is little to everyone's opinion are collectively or ... such experience.

If such we become 18 years old, with the right to vote, we will participate in politics. As for the person knowing the Japanese severe present conditions, how much is one to the person thinking about the future in Japan seriously?
Japanese present conditions, and we think that we may solve the poverty of the child fundamentally.
We spent the above for half a year before we completed this site. However, we think that wanting to do it still more, things that we want to convey are not enough.
We think that we should make "the society which does not make the poverty of the child" not "society saving a child suffering from poverty". When it should be, the free idea "to want to make such Japan" of we junior and senior high school students prays the go-between to the bright future in Japan.
The readers who had you look at the site to here, thank you very much!
                          All the members

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