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We went to interview the kids door!

We went to interview on kidsdoor in Hacchobori in Tokyo on January 6, 2016!
Kids door of the home page, click here→

Kidsdoor is an established NPO corporation in 2007.

You can sneak out of neither the getting a job which can't go to poor purpose nor disadvantage and yourself from poverty.
They pay my attention to education to cut off such a negative chain and I educate you for the junior and senior high school students whom there is in relative poverty and support it.

The schoolwork support business which made junior and senior high school students the subject

It's said that there are a lot of children who say a learning custom is bad and that results are bad with that. It is said that living environment is greatly related to it.
As a result of the achievement test, if, the result to which a parent annual income is proportional beautifully also is in.

kidsdoor established the class corresponding to the free seminar and the taking an examination such as GACHIZEMI in the storage of junior and senior high school students with which poverty is held.It's said that they make it the environment that you can follow 1 volunteer about 2 children and question casually. A necessitous child seems to have a lot of people who have weak point consciousness in English. It's esteemed that the learning added to every individual is being done.

How about Japan than the world?

Country "to become serious if there are many children"...!?
But, as for the money on education, in 8% of North Europe, there seems to be little Japan with only 3.2%.The fact that I say "A country isn't taking out money in education. " is understood from here. The support for the child is not substantial as I understand it from dependency allowances in Japan.... Thus "When there were a lot of children, it became serious. " was becoming clear in Japan.

Open up the future by education!
If Ukere education, the future of choice is called the spread. We find that much education is important.

Kids door Chairman Watanabe Yumiko story of

Anyway, I want to not give up. Because there is no money, you can give up hope and went to give up many things to say and I think that should not be.

We also to have wanted to dream and hope wish come true, but I want to cheer.
I want you to go work hard in the day-to-day effort is not anyway give up.I want to say to many people to say that the "help" if you trouble.

Because if that person're sure to see that everyone, please do not forget to consult a really troubled Once people not discouraged. As you give up, the world will go is getting narrower.

Japan I think should able to work hard because it is a good country. Their's a bad person because there is no money, I want you to know that there is no mean that.

To everyone, "is not a bad thing that there is no money, it is not ashamed that" I want to convey to the child of the parties, it is that.
High and low of the money is not a man of high and low.

I think that it's so good if you go look at the individual contents. Everyone can I let you in what feel, the next generation When you are ready to go believe'd be a bright one.


I had you explain it using various documents and was very plain!It was a valuable experience.

I didn't often know and was very astonished so far.I realized that there are also means of the support as education!

I didn't often know and was very astonished so far.I realized that there are also means of the support as education!

 Everybody, please check kids door, too!Thank you very much for everybody of a staff.


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